Welcome to my new site!



Hello everyone, and welcome to my new site! My name is Roxanne Daveney, and I am an author as well as a business woman. I run many different websites all of which you will find links to throughout this site. Of course, the primary topic of this site will be my publications and my various works in progress.

I write anything from fantasy to LBGTQ books and roleplaying. You. Might see me from time to time highlight some storylines that I have going on in my roleplaying.

You might see me post either a book or product review from time to time. This DOES NOT MEAN I AM ACCEPTING REVIEW REQUESTS. I just wanted to put that out there. I have a mile long TBR list that I want to get through first, so any books that I review will be from that. I am also an avid Pokemon and Sims player.

I LOVE comments and will be more than happy to return the favor if you leave one on my posts.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will come back and say hello!