My name is Roxanne Daveney, and I’m an author. In addition to writing, I am also a Virtual Assistant/Personal Assistant. I started my freelance business, Quillity Author Services in the summer of 2016 to help promote authors pre and post publishing. It’s my way of giving back to a community that has helped me so much while making a small profit. All proceeds made from Quillity go directly back to the site. You would be surprised at how much start-up costs are for an online business!

In addition, I developed Hooked on Roleplaying, a site for roleplayers. I am also developing slowly but surely, a site for writers to connect.

I have decided that instead of being represented by a publisher, that I was going to self-publish my books from now on. I have an amazing team already to help me!

I am so excited to begin these adventures and hope you will stop by my blog often to see what adventures I have had!