The Benefits of Hiring a PA or a VA

The Benefits of Hiring a PA or a VA

The Benefits of Hiring a PA or VA

There are many benefits to hiring a personal assistant (PA) or a Virtual Assistant (VA). Both essentially do the same things, especially when authors come to mind. I happen to be both, an author and a VA. To me, a personal assistant is someone who helps out off of the computer. As much as I would love to do that, I have a full-time job, so I am stuck being a virtual assistant for now. In this article, I will tell you the top five benefits of hiring a PA or VA (even if you aren’t an author, you may still benefit from such services.

Before I continue, please note that while I primarily work with authors, I am happy to work with other small business owners. I have an associates degree in Office Technology and over 15 years of office assistant experience. For information on my services, you can visit the Quillity Author Services website,


Benefit #1 Time Management

One of the many things that a PA or VA often does, is time management. They help their clients manage their calendars and perform tasks to increase their time.

Benefit #2 Encouragement

One of the most important roles of a PA/VA is to provide support and encouragement to their clients. This is especially important to those of us who work with authors. As an author myself, I often feel discouraged when I hit writer’s block, or am going through a tough spot in life. That is why I started Quillity Author Services.

Benefit #3 More time to Write

Having a VA or PA is supposed to give you, the author more time to write. Or, if you are a small business owner, more time to spend with your family. The more tasks the assistant has to do, the more time you should have for yourself!

Benefit #4 You don’t have to deal with promotion on your own!

One of the most common tasks us assistants do for our clients is social media promotion. I don’t know about you, but when I published my first book, I didn’t know a darn thing about promoting. I relied on my friends and family. While they purchased my book, it only got me so far. Twitter was just becoming a thing, and I barely understood Facebook. I know I’m not alone, so I am always happy to help fellow authors get the word out there.

Benefit #5 We will fanboy/fangirl over you!

We are there to support you in all areas of your business. Yes, believe it or not, being an author is a business. It is our job to love your work and you. When pair with the right assistant, you might just have yourself a new fan. When this happens, it is amazing the results you will see from the marketing. Plus, who doesn’t love a fan?


There you have it, folks, those are some benefits that I see to having an assistant. Can you think of some benefits that I may have missed to having an assistant? If so, feel free to drop a line in the comments.