New Publishing Adventures!

New Publishing Adventures!


After many years of searching for the right publisher and literary agent, I have decided to go solo. It will be another exciting adventure, and one that I think will serve me well. I have appreciated all that my publishers have taught me, but I want and need to be in charge of my own deadlines. My schedule becomes increasingly busier each year, and when publishers only give you two weeks to work on edits, it just does not work out for me.

Luckily, I have some incredibly talented friends who are graphic designers and editors. I have hired my dear friends Stacy J. Garrett and Jessica Williams to work with me on this adventure. Stacy will be designing my covers from here on out, and Jessica will be doing my editing.

Both ladies have teamed up with me to bring you my freelance blog, Quillity Author Services.

Being my own publisher, I get to call ALL the shots from release date to cover design, what editor I use and where to sell my books. I hope you all will join me on this new part of my publishing journey.

The first story of mine will be re-released sometime in the summer or fall of this year depending on Jessica and Stacy’s schedules. The story we are currently working on is titled Dear One and is my first LBGT piece. Once I get a blurb written, I will post it here on the site. I have found the perfect model for the main character, Dominic, the leading male in this story. Jessica is working on the first round edits. Once I get them, I’ll be going through the story. When I finish, she will go through it at least one more time to make sure we did not miss anything. I plan to organize blog tours for this, and hope bloggers will want to host me on their blogs.

This story is for 18+.